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Jackson has been involved in successful growing medical marijuana for many years. He has helped many beginners learn how to successfully grow their own marijuana plants. He has designed this easy-to-follow course that will take through the entire process of growing your own. During your training you will learn what equipment and supplies you need to get started with a minimum investment.

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Our easy-to-follow videos and downloadable PDF text files are designed for a beginner and explain and show you how to successfully grow your own marijuana.

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    • 5 Reasons to Grow Your Own

    • Reason to Grow Outside

    • Reasons to Grow Inside

    • How to Grow Indoors

    • Advantages of a Grow Tent

    • How to Use Grow Lights

    • How to Grow Outside

    • How to Buy Seeds

    • How to Germinate Your Seeds

    • How to Use a Grow Tent for Inside Growing

    • How to Choose Soil For Your Plants

    • How to Feed Your Plants

    • How to Manage the Vegetative Stage

    • How to Control Pests

    • How to Test the Water

    • How to Harvest Your Plants